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It was so

It was so

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  • Autor: Zita Seabra
  • Características: 444 pgs | 978-989-622-113-3 | 15x24
  • Data de Publicação: 02-2017
  • Descrição:
«It was So is the classic story of an apprenticeship: from innocence to reality and from reality to wisdom, a little melancholy, of the adult. But Zita Seabra, who 'went underground' at the age of 17, grew up in the Cunhal Communist Party, which makes her story the story of an era. Without justification, always candid and sometimes moving, Zita Seabra naturally speaks of a fantastic and brutal world, which has never been described with such intimacy and accuracy. That was the book that was missing to und...


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