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The Best of Diets

The Best of Diets

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  • Autor: Karl Lagerfeld / Jean-Claude Houdret
  • Características: 130 pgs | 978-989-622-462-2 | 13x20
  • Data de Publicação: 05-2012
  • Descrição:
Year 2000: Karl Lagerfeld decides to change his look, redefine his image. Forgo a style that no longer matches your personality. Goodbye to ample Japanese clothes… And, above all, goodbye to superfluous pounds. Thanks to the diet designed by Dr. Jean-Claude Houdret, Karl Lagerfeld lost 42 pounds in 13 months. A success that lives up to your expectations!This book, illustrated with drawings and photographs by Karl Lagerfeld, explains this extraordinary result. Dr. Houdret presents 120 delicious recipes an...



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